Sunday, March 07, 2004

Summer in the City

Summer's back - since last Friday we've had the weather that we should've had all of February (that's the month when we had wind, rain, flooding and the resulting loss of homes and incomes, all over the lower North Island). As a result I was on a bit of a high right up until this afternoon :

1. I had a great bus-driving lesson on Friday (I got up to 80km/hr on the motorway and wasn't scared witless)

2. I got some good news at work (more at a later date)

3. It was lovely and sunny and warm

4. We caught the Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition (a New Zealand artist who started out as a retired ikebana practitioner and ended up making her name in 'found' art)

5. I saw 'Nowhere in Africa' on video and loved it (think 'Empire of the sun'/'Out of Africa' but about a Jewish girl in Kenya during WWII)

6. And I found that, so far at least, the course materials for my first MLIS paper are actually not too hard to understand (for someone who did her undergraduate degree back when tertiary education was almost free)

There's this quiz called 'Which is Worse?' (see the link down on the left), which asks you to decide the worse of two nasties. Well, today it was - 'Which is worse, being trapped in traffic on a hot day with no air-con or being your aged mother's taxi-driver and grocery-carrier for three solid hours?' Actually, today was both of those at the same time.

But I've left that grumpiness behind again, because I strolled down to the local street festival to have a look around. There was live music, busking, stalls selling useless knick-knacks and food. I bought a painting for myself, and a Maori-inspired pendant for my boy, who's feeling a bit under the weather today.

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