Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Gettin' to know you...

I had my first MLIS class today. It was pretty good to be able to discuss the stuff in the readings with my classmates. However the most productive time to do this was before the lecturer actually arrived. Once the actual class started, I found out which three or four students were going to be doing the most talking...

One, who shall remain unnamed (because she's actually quite nice and reasonably intelligent), had a habit of speaking up quite often, but taking a hell of a long time to get her point across. It was a combination of slow enunciation, and simply too many words. I couldn't help but tune out after the first couple of minutes, every time she spoke.

Afterwards, I discovered that I'd chosen the most expensive car parking building in the entire city to park in. I paid $15 for the 2.5 hours that my car was there. Next week, I'll either try the place down the road (further from school), or cruise the back streets looking for that elusive free parking space.

So tonight I'm working late at the branch library, to make up for the time I took off to go to school. It's surprisingly quiet. I'd always got the impression from the previous person who did this shift, that it was always pretty damn busy. Either the customers got wind of the roster change, or she's just a slacker :-)

And I've just remembered that the life drawing session in town will have just started...without me in it, trying furiously to get it all down in two dimensions.

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