Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wii fun

The boy and I had sweaty fun playing Wii tennis tonight. I say sweaty, not because of the undercurrent of sexual chemistry running between us through every serve, parry and double-bounce, but because the games room (formerly the study) is suffering from sun-trap syndrome i.e. it gets tons of afternoon sun and we tend to leave the window closed because the boy likes it dark and cave-like in there.

I might have another go at Wii Music, but I'm still sulking because my first attempt at conducting the Wii orchestra yielded me around 11 points, compared to the 100 or so points that TLM got.


Nigel Patel said...

I have no game systems (though I am a guy) but I had so much fun playing Rock Band that I am thinking about it.

If you had cats they would love your sunny room.

Angela said...

Wow TLM did well maybe I should give it a try.
It is cold here and it is nice to read about warmth sometimes. I am still enjoying winter though so am not ready for summer yet

Violet said...

nigel: maybe they would, but then I'd have to move out or put up with not being able to breathe...

angela: I used to hate winter, but now I can see the positive sides to all seasons. Except spring - spring makes me sneeze and is always too windy.