Saturday, January 17, 2009

I might look like mutton dressed as lamb, but I don't care. Much.

Contrary to my earlier post about what I was going to sew next, I decided to make an old pair of jeans into a skirt. You must've seen them around, especially if you were conscious in the Seventies because I think that's when they were really in.

I actually made a jeans skirt out of a pair of jeans back then (well, either the Seventies or the early Eighties - I don't remember exactly), but I messed up fixing the the crotch seam and ended up with bulges in peculiar places.

This time around though, I was inspired to try again when I saw these instructions on the internet. I ended up not following them exactly, but I'm pleased with the result anyway.

I'm just not sure if this kind of thing is appropriate on a 44-year-old.


Nigel Patel said...

Nah, it's nice. I particularly like the designs on the pockets. (I know you didn't make that part but it's still nice.)
I've thought of the kilts but not in Tartan.
There's a postman somewhere in the States who has a postal kilt in Postman's Blue. That would be neat.

Violet said...

Thanks Nige. I think it was the pocket embroidery that sold me the jeans in the first place - afterwards I found out that the pockets are effectively sewn shut.

Kilts (tartan or otherwise) also seem to pop up in men's fashion every now and then but I guess not enough men are brave enough to wear 'em.

I'm guessing Postman's Blue is the same colour that Postman Pat wears, in which case - why the heck aren't all postmen dressed in that colour?

Anonymous said...

Ha I had been going to make a comment about your questionable taste in pockets but clearly i am in the minority!

My aunt discovered the joys of turning jeans into jean skirts and I think made me some at one point - they were quite the go although was probably more like the 80s than the 70s. I recall similar discussions about the crotch issues.

Re the postman - don't they wear fluro vests now cause it's safer?

Anonymous said...

definately it was big in the 70's -- i made mine in about 1972. i might make them again...altho its really questionable on a 49 year old!

Violet said...

donnasoowho: no, go ahead and tell me I've got crap taste in jeans pockets, I don't mind! It's not like I thought they were to die for or anything. If you get the urge to have another skirt made, just have your aunt look at the link on my post and the crotch issues will be sorted (one way or another). You're right about the fluro vests, they're a bit loud - but I suppose they're supposed to be.

anonymous: well, you could try it, and if it doesn't work give it to a like-sized woman whom you don't like :-)

Angela said...

Good for you. Wear it anyway.