Friday, January 09, 2009


This morning we all overslept and didn't get out of bed until nearly 8am. But I put TLM down for her nap at 1.30 anyway. And she did exactly what she's been doing all week - fluffing about in her room until 3pm and then falling asleep. She'll probably need to be woken up at 4.

That means she'll have been in her room for, like, 3 hours. And she'll still be having her bath at 6 and be in bed for the night by 7pm - even if she spends the next hour or 2 reading and singing before falling asleep.

So, she's in her room a lot. Which means a lot of down-time for me.

Does that make me a bad person?


Nigel Patel said...

As I was raised by wolves (and my four-years-older sister) I'd say you're still an exemplary parent.
(But perhaps Parenting Habits of the Seventies is a bad unit of measure)

Kazzer said...

Sounds bloody marvellous to me!

Violet said...

nigel: still sounds better than the childrearing I read about in Running with Scissors

kazzer: well, it is. But I feel guilty that I'm not getting her up and "stimulating" her with...I dunno...crochet lessons or something.

Angela said...

You have things structured. If she is happy and talking to herself I would say that is just fine. It is good for her to know how to entertain herself.
I think you may also benifit from that arangement with some sewing time

She may be a bit to young for crochet, but you could go with learning how to make a necklace with beads. Or building a skyscraper.

I just go with the flow around here
Gregory takes a nap if he falls asleep and he goes to bed some where between 8 pm and 10 pm.

Violet said...

angela: that's quite a late bedtime compared to most. Gregory must be a Mediterranean at heart, 'cos those folks all sleep late - mind you, they all have afternoon naps too.