Monday, January 05, 2009

Two-nil to the pants

After giving up on my first trial pair of trousers (which frayed to the point where I lost my seam allowance, and which were too tight at the waist), I re-measured everything, re-adjusted the sewing pattern pieces, cut them out in a new fabric and set about pin-fitting them on myself. It took ages. But eventually, I thought I had it sussed. So I transferred my adjustments back to the tissue pattern and sewed it all up, leaving only the hem to finish.

Alas, they make my bum look a couple of denim beachballs.

They're also a little too tight across the bum, the waistline sits too high and the legs bag at the back. And the zip is pucker-y at the lower end. Sigh.

I'm not sure whether to just plough on and make trial pants number 3 (with another attempt at fitting them), or back up a bit and make something a bit easier, like an unlined waistcoat.


aprilbapryll said...

I made a bunch of pajama pants, and that was fun :) I don't follow patterns, so I took an old pair apart and use that as my pattern. It's fun to trace the lines :)

Violet said...

It's definitely more fun when you make something easier and have less trouble with the fit and construction! Unfortunately, I don't have any perfect fitting pants to use as a pattern for new ones :-(

donnasoowho said...

When I was reading that description I was thinking of little Lord Fauntleroy (or whatever his name was). Sad. But if it consoles you at all I have made several items over the years and none of them were wearable. I made some shorts once and sewed them up the wrong way about 7 times before I gave up.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: the big bum thing could be fixed with a pair of strategically placed patch pockets - if i can bother to sew some. I managed to fix the tightness across the bum and the too-high waistline, but now the waistline has stretched (perhaps due to all the re-working) and the whole thing won't stay up without belt 'n' belt loops or - eek - elastic sewn in.

Trousers didn't used to be so hard. My body just grew away from the standard sizing!