Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it because she's a lefty?

TLM has been quite accident-prone lately:

This evening, she walked into the bathroom door on her way out and turned her pretty forehead into something Frankenstein-ish.

Yesterday at her best friend's birthday party, she went to pick up her party favour off the floor (what do you call those little whistles that unroll when you blow on them, hitting people in the eyes?) and banged her head on a lowered desk lid.

Last Friday as we walked out of the living room to get to the front door, TLM inexplicably tripped over her feet and grazed her chin on the industrial-grade (i.e. not soft) carpet.

On the first day of our holiday - and after TLM's first dip in the resort pool - TLM slipped on the wet tiles and into a nearby rock garden, skinning both feet.

I've heard it said that left-handed people are more accident prone, and I can offer myself as a prime example. Okay, so it's either because she's a lefty, or because she's inherited clumsiness from her mother.


donnasoowho said...

You know I've heard all this business about how left handed people die before right handed people, which apparently comes down to being more clumsy (so more likely to accidentally kill yourself) and someone sensible weighed in saying that certain things favour right handed people more which could cause this. Anyway have NO idea whether this is true, the thing that truly truly gets up my left nostril is how I still hold my train ticket in my left hand, so when I go through the turnstyle I have to do a weirdy kind of lean over and put the ticket in on the other side thing. Which is particularly annoying if I am carrying heaps of stuff (regular occurrence). Do it every morning without fail.

Baby-Hassall is gonna be screwed as Ray is left handed too. So probably the chances of our entire family dying in a freak gasoline fight incident are higher than other family's.

Violet said...

We could have a whip-round to raise the money to build you all a nice statue and put it in front of The Donnasoowho Foundation for Kids Who Can't Bake Good. Or something :-)

donnasoowho said...

But what is this, a baking school for ants? It needs to be to be at least 3 times the size.

BTodger said...

She's just growing again.

Every time she shoots up her center of gravity changes slightly and we're looking at scabs on her knees and an ice pack :-)

Violet said...

donnasoowho: you're a woman after me own heart, donnasoowho :-)

btodger: oh yeah, I think you told me that before...

Angela said...

I have that problem and it seems as if Gregory has that problem too.
I am right handed and I think Gregory is too.

Gregory has a skinned back, cut on his hand, and bumps and bruises.