Saturday, January 24, 2009

black and tan

When it comes to sunshine and tanning, I have a problem that is different to most peoples'.

Some people worry about the risk of skin cancer. Other people fret that they can only choose between two skin colours - pink or white. I worry about looking like an easy jigsaw puzzle.

See, my arms are almost black; my upper legs and torso are that sallow-white that you see on Chinese folk who truly shun the sun; my face and lower legs are something in between; my shoulders are off-sallow-white.

This is fine if I'm showing just my arms, or just my legs.

But I don't see myself swanning around in a bathing suit any time soon. Creeping would be more like it.


Nigel Patel said...

Maybe if you tanned with long evening gloves on.

Angela said...

You could make your own swimsuit that way you could choose what to expose.
I am sure it would be an interesting suit.

Violet said...

Nigel: yes I could...I remember coming across an advert for swimsuits that let in UV rays, meaning you could wear it and get an all-over tan. Maybe they make t-shirts and dresses out of the same stuff.

angela: it wouldn't be just interesting. It would be bizarre!