Thursday, January 08, 2009

The next project

I'm just gonna put that trouser failure behind me for now. Next up is this Burda tunic dress (it's the brown print one in the picture, though I might add the collar from the red dress below it).

The pattern and instructions can be downloaded off their website for free, so I spent most of TLM's nap time today printing and taping all 24 pages of the pattern together. It's supposed to be easy, and it's loose-fitting so I shouldn't have all the fitting issues that have made trouser-sewing such a hassle.

I would love to get into the fabric shops right now (when their sales are on) and find a nice print to make the dress up in, but unless I get there in the weekend then I probably won't get a chance to even start this until some time in February. Still, it's nice to dream.


Anonymous said...

oh I do like the dress - although do you find yourself imagining your head juxtaposed on the models but the end result is a bit different? Not that ever any end result for me, but I went to Cleggs with M over the holidays (she is going to make me a Maxi dress for my birthday) and I started to imagine that maybe I could make myself a funky dress out of Liberty Print.

But at $45 a metre it would be a 'spency botch up.

ananya garg said...

i liked the dress..its lovely..but the collar dosen't seem to go that well with the dress. loose-fitting dresses are soo much safer. and i learned that after i messed up three garments just to get the fitting!

good luck..hoe it'll turn out well :)

Angela said...

I crochet blankets, hats and things like that
I am so glad I don't have to worry too much about fitting.

Good luck

Violet said...

donnasoowho: it's worse than that - I have to try to imagine that garment with my head AND my body. At $45 per metre, pay your friend to make it for you!

ananya garg: you think? I do like that neckline. I agree on loose fitting garments being safer - its so dispiriting to put so much effort into something and not get the result you want.

angela: yeah I guess thats why so many people make quilts, handbags and kids clothes :-)