Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to make a preschooler sound like Tom Waits

First my mum got it. She had the sore throat and the sneezes; when she couldn't get through the day without a scary-sounding pneumonia-like rattle, I had to take her to the After Hours medical centre. A nebuliser, an x-ray and two courses of pills later, she's almost back to normal.

Now TLM has it. Fortunately for her, she is not an elderly woman with a portfolio of medical ailments. TLM is not likely to need a nebuliser or any kind of medication. But when she sings she sounds like Tom Waits and when she poos I am utterly grateful that she's finally cottoned onto the idea of putting them in the potty.

So we didn't get to go to the white-folks' Chinese New Year festivities. Ah well, there were no fireworks anyway, and probably no lion dance either. There is still a chance of attending the Teddy Bears' Picnic tomorrow afternoon (which is entirely unrelated to anything Chinese).

Otherwise it will have been a fairly dull, croaky weekend for TLM.


Desiree said...

Errm, actually the Wellington Cultural Centre Lion Dance was held during Yum Char at four restaurants yesterday - Big Thumb, Regal, Dragon's (where we had the wedding reception) and Grand Century. Lucky us got to catch the lucky lettuce (you had to be there). Today is Festival Day at TSB Arena and the street parade will start at 1.00pm - and it's free!!!! Got to for more info.

Violet said...

desiree: you caught the rucky rettuce? congraturations!

Violet said...

Desiree: hey thanks for the link btw. If I hadn't gone there just now, I wouldn't have found out that there's still a heap of festival stuff scheduled for next weekend :-)

Angela said...

I can see how pooping in the potty would be a bonus.
Hope TLM gets well soon and the sickness goes no further

Violet said...

angela: thanks. She's tons better already and I haven't yet got it :-)