Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The slightly useless DVD top 50

Because we frequent Whitcoulls' DVD section - well, frequently, I got an email from the shop inviting me to vote for my favourite DVD movie. If I vote, I'd be in the draw to win all 50 titles.

So I went to their website to to register, and checked out their Top 50 list. Well, having seen what's up there, I've decided I can't be bothered voting for Zoolander to get in the draw. Because, of those 50 titles we already own most of those that are any good (e.g. the LOTR trilogy, Fight Club), as well as a few that aren't (e.g. the Star Wars collection, the Pirates of the Carribbeans), while others I've already seen too often on the telly (e.g. The Green Mile, Whalerider).

Perhaps the only ones I might wish for, are The Queen, Borat and Little Miss Sunshine.

So thanks, Whitcoulls, but no thanks.


Angela said...

If you won movies are good gifts
that is if the people you know don't already have everything

Violet said...

Yes, I did think of that. But I still can't be bothered registering to vote. Perhaps I'm just too selfish :-)