Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hair I am

I'm starting to regret now, that I always just let my hairdresser do whatever she wants with my hair. Basically, I sit in the chair and chat, and 30 minutes later - voila! - I have lost inches off the locks, inches I didn't even know I wanted removed. Next time I go (which will be months away, because I'm slack about my haircuts), I want to bring pictures of halfway-decent haircuts. Because I want to take responsibility for my own bad hair days.

I've bookmarked a few possibles here - what do you think? I have a roundish face that goes pointy at the chin when I smile, and a jawline just screaming out for some kind of facelift operation.

This one is possibly too close to the haircut I've already got (and yet it looks so much better on her!).

I like the flicky-outy bits in this one, but the long fringe would probably drive me insane.

This one
is cute also, but I bet would require pretty religious maintenence.

And this one may be no more than a platinum blonde version of the previous ones.

Yeah, so if you could just leave a comment before my next haircut, that's be great, thanks.


Desiree said...

Hmmm, I guess I'd vote for number two, so maybe the fringe could be done a little shorter?

Looking through that website for number four I liked this one:

Here's a link to a website that gives some tips on how to handle hairstyles for round faces:

Good luck! 8-)

Nigel Patel said...

Flicky Outy with the front from the first one.
A hybrid.

Violet said...

Interesting - two votes for the same hairstyle, with the same variation suggested! Desiree, I had a look at your find - it's nice, though with the way my fringe likes to stick staight outwards, the little sweep on this one mightn't work.

Angela said...

Sorry no help here.
But you could die your hair bright pink. That would be different.

Violet said...

angela: but if I did, could you tell if it was the wrong shade?