Friday, January 11, 2008

At the gardens with Fairy Lily

According to the ad in the paper, Fairy Trina would tell stories at the Botanic Gardens this morning. And several mums and dads I knew, had arranged to meet up for an hour of girlie fairy wings and songs.

Being the total carparking wuss that I am, I decided that TLM and I would go by public transport. That meant a bus into town, then a cable car up to the Gardens, then a stroll down to the Dell. In all, it took us about 40 minutes.

Fairy Trina must've been having a mental health day, because apparently we got Fairy Lily and Fairy Gilly (a boy fairy) instead. Don't ask me if they were any good, we were too busy checking out the other kids' fairy gear. TLM had her circlet, skirt and wings on (it was hard coordinating both the fairy circlet and the sunhat), but they were poor imitations compared to some of the other outfits. Some of the parents must surely have gone to the kiddie boutique at Kirkaldies for their costumes.

At the end of the performance, the kids were invited up on stage to sing and dance. TLM nearly pulled my finger off trying to get me to accompany her to the stage, but I wasn't having any of it. Surprisingly, she ended up wandering up by herself, clambering up the steps to the stage, and dancing with all the other kids there. Shock, horror, The Little Madam has not inherited her mother's selfconsciousness!


Angela said...

A bold little girl.
I am sure she will get plenty of concerns about herself as a teenager.
I can just picture her walking up there and dancing. All the little fairys together.
How enchanting

Nigel Patel said...

Good for them having a boy fairy.
Tilt those windmills early!

I'm still trying to shake off my own selfconsiousness so don't feel too bad about that.

Violet said...

yep, she ought to enjoy her obliviousness while she can eh?