Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hot air

It's fairly tropical in these parts right now. It's humid, it's hot, and there's a cyclone just around the corner. I'm not used to it; it makes me sweat, it turns the southern end of the house into a sauna (and I can only stand those things for about 10 minutes before I really need a cool shower), and my feet feel like a couple of large boiled potatoes.

My Swiss friend thinks it's way too windy here. What we call breeze, the Swiss apparently would refer to as gale force winds; what we call gale force winds, they call "time to batten down the hatches, bring in the goats and tie down the skis"; what they call wind, we regard as brownian motion.

It's what you're used to, isn't it? What I call tropical pre-cyclone weather, the Hawaiians would probably call Spring.


Make Tea Not War said...

I think the cyclone is hitting now. Yikes!!

Kerryn Angell said...

Lol! I love the comparisons you made. I'm in Wellington and today was unbelievably hot and our notorious Wellington wind wasn't putting on much a show until this afternoon. Then it was all warm wind so not doing much to cool the place down!

Violet said...

mtnw: short-lived though, eh?

kerryn angell: shouldn't really complain about the heat, I suppose, since it's usually too cold.

Desiree said...

I've always been told that this type of weather is "earthquake weather". And yes, I've experienced a couple in weather like this, the most memorable by far mag 5.5 in January 2005 which was big enough for an Aussie workmate to practically pack her bags and leave the next day! My exclamations of, "It wasn't really THAT big" didn't help, I guess!