Friday, January 11, 2008

Potty training on the move

Now I know why they say that you should stay at home for potty training. I am so over carrying either the potty or the toddler loo-seat with me every time I take TLM out for more than a couple of hours (which I do to give her frequent opportunities to win a jelly snake or dinosaur). Most of the time when we're out, she is happy to sit on it, but she never ever does anything while she's there. Performance anxiety, maybe.

Understandably perhaps, she really hates sitting on public toilets, even those that are kept extra-clean and tidy for the tourists. I suppose I ought to be grateful that she seems to save up her poos for when we get home. Anyway, next week she starts back at daycare and I'm expecting she'll be just the same there - happy to sit on the potty (especially if she's allowed to snack at the same time, which is another issue to be dealt with further down the track), but will probably wee in her pull-ups and save her poos for home.

Now, I hope that wasn't Too Much Information for you.


Kazzer said...

I used to read your blog with smug amusement. Now it just seems to be a blueprint for my future!

Zephra said...

TMI? You obviously never read my post where my child and I discuss poop color.

Violet said...

kazzer: read and weep kazzer, read and weep.

zephra: well obviously, it wouldn't be TMI for any reader whose actually a parent :-)