Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wondering about naughty canine costumes

Naughty Pagan vents about an advertised "Princess Leia slave costume" for dogs. He reckons it's a bit dodgy, and wonders whether the kind of people who'd buy such a thing are the dodgy types who'd turn a pet into some perverted sex object (ugh!). I've had a look at the picture, and can't imagine that getting anyone hot and sweaty. But then, I've had a fairly sheltered upbringing.

It did make me wonder whether a dodgy doggy person might be able to find other kinds of pervy dress-ups for dogs - naughty nurse and French maid costumes come to mind. So, I had a quick Google.

I didn't come across any Naughty Nurse dress-ups, but there is this Wonder Woman outfit, this harem dog outfit, a cheerleader outfit, and yes, a French maid outfit!
While I generally have a live-and-let-live philosophy, I really hope that anyone who dresses up their pet, only does it because they think it's cute. But not sexy (bad human! Bad!).


Charlie Anonymous said...

I've wanted to dress dogs as other dogs.
Famous dogs like a beagle dressed up as Lassie or Yukon King, a huskie.
Or a doberman pincer dressed up as Snoopy.

BTodger said...

I told you not to look...


Violet said...

nigel: I think you may have found a gap in the doggy-dressups market.