Friday, May 16, 2008


My cold has gone on for a week now, and the boy has been suffering from his for even longer. TLM has already had her cold - she seems to only get bugs for just long enough to infect the parents, and then she's right as rain again. Typical.

The boy has been really looking after me - cooking most nights and doing the dinner dishes, encouraging me to put my feet up once TLM's in bed, bringing me fresh boxes of tissues, and refraining from playing his Farscape DVD's while I'm about. And all of this while he's still nursing his sniffles and coughs.

I reckon that echinachea he's been taking, must be turning him into a Stepford husband. But don't tell him I told you.


Charlie Anonymous said...

I get helpful when I'm in a state of misery to take my mind off my own.
That could be what's going on here.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Echinachea, huh? What's the proper dosage?

Angela said...

I wouldn't complain too much.
It is great that you are getting a bit of TLC you deserve it.
Sweet of him.

It is also good that TLM gets over her cold so quickly. It isn't easy taking care of a 2 year old when you are sick yourself.

Get feeling better

Violet said...

nigel: it could be, I hadn't thought of that...

lumpyheadsmom: it depends on the brand - some come in 1-per-day horse-pill sized capsules; I prefer the suckable ones but you're supposed to take 2, 4 times a day.

angela: nope, not complaining.