Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not-so-subtle signs of widening thighs

I was going to blog about the fact that I've pulled a muscle in my back, and that the last thing I needed was to sit at a day-long meeting trying to look both awake and interested. But, at the end of the day, the most memorable thing about today (apart from the crick in my neck), was noticing that I seem to put eye-popping runs in my pantihose after just one wear.

Actually, I thought I'd never those things again. But those 10-denier bits of dark nylon go so well with my knee-length pleated skirt, so I've pulled out all my old pairs of pantihose from storage (that is, a small plastic shopping bag in the bottom of my blanket box).

At first, I just assumed that the old hose were falling apart because they were old and already worn once or twice. Now I'm wondering whether I've literally outgrown them. Maybe my thighs are just too damned big for those things, and thats why I hear that quiet ripping sound whenever I crouch or bend my legs. Maybe I should stick to thick tights.

Maybe I should secretly buy the "Tall" size pantihose.


Cathi said...

I think the tall size would hang in wrinkles on you :) I wear the tall size, that should give you an idea.

If it's a knee-length skirt, are you sure you're not stressing the "hose" by rubbing them against the underneath of the desk/edge of the chair, the skirt riding up a little, thus exposing them (in a modest way, out of sight).

Wouldn't take much to make them go after that.

Julie said...

I have similar troubles with 'hose and I'm only average height and probably a bit on the thin side. I get the tall ones and they do wrinkle a bit around the ankles but there are less runs. That said i think oart of the issue is that they just aren't bery durable anyway. I really object to the price given that often you only get one or two wears out of an $8 item of clothing. I wore a $15 pair of nice black ones with lines down them on Wednesday for the first time and they already have a run in them, luckily very small and in a discreet place. Argh!

Julie said...

oops sorry for typos one handed baby holding typig is to blame i hope you get the gist!

Violet said...

cathi: it's possible, but not as probably as them being stressed by chunky quads and hams...

julie: yeah they aren't exactly value for money eh? Any workplace that requires them definitly ought to give those employees generous pantihose allowances.