Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A blog date

Until today I was just about the only blogger in the world (it seems) who hadn't had a face-to-face meeting with a fellow blogger whom I didn't already know pre-blog.

It wasn't for lack of the desire to - well, perhaps it was...I mean, I'm not actually averse to meeting someone whom I know only through their regular on-line brain dumps. I know that some bloggers make quite an effort to meet such people; in my case, it would help if most of you didn't actually live in a whole other continent.

And that's why my blog date today with Make Tea Not War and Satsumasalad is, to me, a bloggable topic. It was my first blog date. To be exact, I already knew the former, but the latter was a total blind date.

Once upon a time (and a long, looong time ago), there was a workmate I knew only via the phone. We had lots of witty conversations and I looked forward to meeting him in person at the work Christmas do. In the flesh, he fell so far short of my expectations that I had to force myself to keep talking to him (sadly, we never got witty together again - gawd, I'm shallow!).

Well, it wasn't like that at lunch today. Satsumasalad was, in person, kinda like how she sounds in her blog, but with extra bits...that is, there's more to her than her blog tells. Which is, I suppose, true for all of us. We're more than the sum of our blog posts.


Anonymous said...

You know it sounds a lot like internet dating.... meet some chappie on-line with whom you exchange HILARIOUS/cute/flirty/succinct emails. Then you have dinner - and end up paying for yourself.

Amanda said...

Good to see you today. And I've blogged about it all 3 times I've met bloggers IRL for the first time. Its totally blogworthy imo

Violet said...

donnasoowho: if you didn't have to pay for both of you, then you probably got of lightly ;-)

mtnw: yep, even if the blogger wasn't a call-girl-turned-published-auther or similar.

Angela said...

I haven't done that yet.
glad it went well

Anonymous said...

ooh, you made me sound all interesting :) you're right, our blogs aren't everything, but they give you a sense

Anonymous said...

It is funny how you can get along with someone on the phone or in your case on-line, yet not in person. Perhaps it is because there are such high expectations that it is hard to live up to them in person.