Sunday, May 11, 2008

Slow cooking

I reckon I'll get myself a slow cooker/crockpot. The idea of chucking a few ingredients into the pot in the morning and having a cooked meal by the time I return home, really appeals to me. There is the danger though, of ending up with a nightly stew that tastes the same regardless of what goes in, like the stew we used to make in the billy back in my tramping (hiking) days. But I'll arm myself with some recipes from the Internet and the library, and perhaps a truckload of Maggi Cook-in-the-pot sachets as well.

Because we are having way too many ready meals at the moment.


Ms Mac said...

My favourite Maggi cook in the pot thing was Beef Stroganoff.

Now I'm craving it....

Angela said...

Yes the dinner delima.
Food can't be easy can it

Violet said...

ms: thanks for the recommendation!

angela: ideally, any meal would take only as long to make, as it does to eat it :-)