Monday, May 26, 2008

She messes with my head

I'm loving being in the paid workforce again - being all grown-up around grown-up things, having the time and space to drink my coffee and eat my lunch, having a lunch hour when I want one - in fact, maybe I'm enjoying it just a little too much.

TLM often gives me a hard time in the morning; she'll see me in my work clothes and say "Mummy not go to work" with a little sob in her voice. When the babysitter arrives TLM will throw herself at me and determinedly ignore her. She'll even plead to accompany me to work. Then at the end of my day I'll rush home so we can be reunited as soon as possible, only to be ignored by this very same child who is now far too busy playing with her babysitter.

I think that when they get to this age, they learn the art of manipulation.


Angela said...

You know I do believe you are right.
Too funny.

Yes I agree it is nice to eat in peace.

Nigel Patel said...

Yes! It's behavior modification.
I was never so clever!

Violet said...

Them kids, they're so cunning...