Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day weekend - against all odds

When I saw that we were rostered on for weekend cleaning of TLM's daycare, I thought it was just typical of my luck. Then when the boy came down with a cold and TLM followed with a strain of her own, I wasn't surprised that I spent most of Friday afternoon blowing my nose on work toilet paper.

But this weekend has turned out okay after all, so far. The colds seem to be abating, and my sniffles have gone too. I'm starting to wonder whether I was merely the victim of my workmate's cats' fur, which has probably been clinging to his clothes all this time.

I shopped for a gift for my hard-to-please mother, and found a jaunty winter cap for myself. I did find a more conservatively styled hat for my mum too, but won't be too put out if she rejects it. The weekend cleaning didn't take all that long, which was a relief. And though we didn't go out for Mothers Day brunch as I'd hoped, he and TLM bought in some yummy gourmet soup with crusty sourdough bread for lunch at home.

This afternoon we'll go visit my mum and she'll have the chance to tell me how much she hates my present. And then I'll just give her a twenty dollar bill instead.


Ms Mac said...

Happy Mothers Day to you!

Angela said...

Yes cash is always nice.
Maybe you should have just taken the twenty and made it into a hair clip

Violet said...

ms mac: and a belated one to you too!

angela: funnily enough, my mum seemed to like her present after all!