Sunday, May 04, 2008

Without her mummy

It's been a whole week of spending hardly any time with TLM. While I'm at work, I don't miss her, exactly. But having said that, it's hard to have a casual conversation at work without some TLM-related topic coming up.

I think she's been missing me though. After the novelty of having someone new to play with wore off, TLM has voiced her disappointment at my absence. She has refused to spend time at the library with her babysitter, and clung to me a little when she shows up in the morning. But she's having to get used to it though, because I've been sick all weekend and she's had to hang out with her dad the whole time. And tomorrow I'm back at work again.


Angela said...

You may enjoy your adult time but I know it is hard to get her off your mind.
At work I can't help but talk about Gregory

You are hers and adjusting isn't easy.
Hope you are feeling better

Violet said...

yeah I'm a bit pink-eyed, but functional!