Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why it's better not to have carpet

I just about had a heart attack this afternoon. We were at my mum's house and I'd just undone The Little Madam's poo-filled nappy, when TLM whippped it out from under her bum and rubbed it enthusiastically into my mother's just-vaccumed carpet.

It could have been a bit of a disaster, but luckily the nappy had folded itself over, with the pooey stuff inside.

And then TLM tried to scratch her as-yet-unwiped bum with her hand.

This is where nail brushes come in handy.


Angela said...

I am glad things were not as messy as they could have been. I still use a changing table at home. It is the only thing that will keep my son still. He knows if he squirms too much he could fall off. It is hard to change him at my dad's house.

Violet said...

We've never had a change table (house too small), though my back would probably have thanked me if we had. Whenever I do change TLM on a change table e.g. at playgroup, she likes being up on it so much that she complains when I get her down again!