Monday, July 09, 2007

Old habits

TLM has changed so much since her first birthday (she's now almost 23 months). She's also developed a few cute personality quirks.

Our little girl has become obsessed with all things fairy-like, can count to 20 and knows her alphabet, has a favourite fluffy orange sweater which she calls Chicken, drinks the coloured water she's supposed to be playing with and knows the words and the actions to Twinkle Twinkle.

And through an unfortunate word association, when she says a food is "nice" that means she's about to spit it out and rub it into the nearest fabric upholstery.

But some things haven't changed at all. Take the baby hammock she's had since she was born. The Little Madam must be getting perilously close to it's 15 kg limit by now, but we're loathe to stop using it because she still naps in it once or twice a week. She's also reverted back to nap-resistance. Today, TLM did nothing but complain at naptime (despite having been given a pair of fluffy socks to play with), and only finally fell asleep after I took her out in the buggy.

Going back to buggy-reliance could turn out to be a blessing in disguise, actually. I've become a bit slack with the exercise ever since I started painting (again) and writing (or trying to). If the only way I can get a regular cardio workout is by pushing a toddler-laden buggy around for an hour, then I should probably make the most of it eh?


Angela said...

It is great how TLM knows her alphabet and numbers. The only numbers Gregory will say is two and three. I guess they all go at their own pace. Nap time is a constantly changing thing here too. I hope you enjoy your walks. It is cool there I guess, but it is burning up hot here. So there is no way I am walking at nap time. You will have a two year old very soon. Time flys so fast.

ElizaF said...
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ElizaF said...

(Rather an unfortunate typo in the last posting)

Yes, our language quirk is to say "want it" in whiney voice which Mummy has learned to interpet as "No thank you Mother dear, that delicious meal you are offering me is not to my taste right now"

Violet said...

angela: TLM may be up on her letters and numbers, but she still can't jump.

elizaf: so what do they say when they actually do want something?

ElizaF said...

Violet, when *we* (the Royal wee one) wants something the word "want" comes into play elongated into about 20 syllables ...

That is our hint :)

Violet said...

elizaf:yeah that's pretty unambivalent!