Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Another mini-milestone

Yesterday, while I was busy getting her lunch ready, The Little Madam climbed onto her high chair all by herself. I was so surprised I almost forgot to feed her. But I came back to my senses just in time to stop her from trying to climb back down.


Angela said...

She knew what was going on and wanted her food. Just make sure she can’t open the front door. Smile!

Ben said...

Keep an eye on her. We caught Otis using a chair to get up to the stove, then turning on the gas and reaching for the matches

Violet said...

angela: she can't yet, but I have to really watch her when we go to public buildings with automatic doors!

ben: he was probably just trying to whip up something he saw Jamie Oliver making on the telly...Seriously, that would scare me.