Monday, July 02, 2007

actor slash model

If you're familiar with the movie Zoolander, then you'll know what this post's title means. If you aren't, then don't worry you'll get the gist of it.

I've been watching Top Chef lately, which is a lot like Project Runway but with food instead of fashion. Now, the latter show was hosted by Heidi Klum, who has an irritatingly high-pitched voice and says the same few lines every week. But she's a model, and Project Runway is about fashion, so you can't really say she doesn't belong there.

What's surprising about Top Chef though, is that it's hostesses are just as model-beautiful. But they aren't just eye candy, because they get to make judgements on the contestants' edible art. They sound like they know their food. This makes me wonder, just how many food-aware women are there who look as though they only eat salad (dressing on the side)?.

Could there possibly be such a thing as foodie-slash-model?


Angela said...

I wouldn't mind being a food tester. I go to Costco with my husband and I basically do the same thing. After eatin all the samples we don't need lunch. Some is good and some is bad, usually good.

Violet said...

I'm usually a sucker for free food samples. But it can't be good for one's figure though eh?

Determinist said...

Love that show.

Padma Lakshmi is the weakest part of that show. While she is stunning, I actually don't know how food savvy she is. Not only that, but the botox facial expressions really get to me.

glomgold said...

Hmm, maybe Giada DeLarentiis or Nigella Lawson? (though she looks healthy, not starved)

I finally got around to watching Zoolander the other weekend. That 'Slashie' part was maybe the highlight for me.

Violet said...

determinist: well she sounded like she knew what she was talking about...but then perhaps thats just with the benefit of a little coaching?

glomgold: Never heard of Giada, but Nigella's certainly well known in these parts. She definitely doesn't look starved. In fact she's an example of how, once women get to a certain age, they can keep their figure or their face but not both.