Thursday, July 26, 2007

No write turn

So last night I spent two hours talking and thinking about short stories, along with 8 other people and our tutor. After an hour of introductions, house-keeping rules and ice-breaking games, we got stuck into it.

For one exercise we were asked to write the worst story we possibly could, in ten minutes. Umm...but I misunderstood that instruction and wrote a story with the worst possible scenario. Still, when the time was up you could be forgiven for thinking I'd done exactly what I'd been asked...

I'm not sure what it means, but I left that class feeling less competent than before it'd started. The good news is, it can only get better.


Determinist said...

Haha... that's a neat exercise. It takes a lot of effort to write REALLY bad.

I do the same with my golf swing. You learn lots by intentionally hitting that wicked slice.

Violet said...

Ah, but mine was effortlessly bad. Do you think there's a career in it? :-)