Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A good morning

It's been a good morning, because:

1. I'm not sick
2. TLM's not sick
3. The boy's not sick

and, since non-one's sick:

4. I was able to take TLM to the local playgroup, which meant that
5. I had a chance to talk to other grown-ups and
6. Didn't have to bounce TLM on my lap to the tune of "Dorothy (would you like to dance with me)" for the umpteenth time

and to top it all off,

7. It turned out to be a warmish and sunny day.

On the other hand, TLM's been in her room for an hour now, and still isn't napping. Can't have everything, I suppose.


Make Tea Not War said...

Hooray for a no illness day! Long may the illness free last. I was appreciating the fact today that I was constantly having to wipe DOTH's nose- quite unusual for winter.

Make Tea Not War said...

I mean was *NOt* having to constantly wipe DOTH's nose.

Violet said...

Ah...I was ever so slightly confused when I saw your first comment, before I read the second one. TLM tries to wipe her own nose, but ends up inadvertantly smearing snot over the previously unsnotty bits of her face.

Angela said...

Sounds like a pretty good morning.

Uzezi said...

what happens here? is the blog dedicated to your baby? saw a picture way down. she looks cute.
anyway, i was just wandering down and around blogs, when i cae upon yours. hope when i'm ready, you will give me tips about motherhood. lol

Violet said...

angela: sure was!

uzezi: hi and welcome! This blog is just full of whatever is on my mind, whether it's about my almost-2-year old, or my favourite tv shows or the last DVD I watched. Hope you come back :-)