Thursday, July 12, 2007

fashion sense

Ever since the weekend, when we bought TLM a pair of Bob the Builder pajamas, she's been mad for them. Absolutely mad. Mad as in, must wear them day and night - even atop other day clothes. As in, must wear them on the long walk to the library (actually not a long walk, but she's still got such little legs and insists on investigating every puddle) even though it's raining, blowing a gale and 9 degrees Celsius.

This isn't to say that TLM has neglected her fairy-wear. Today, TLM wore the now-battered wings and deflowered skirt over her Bob the Builder pjs. It was an interesting look, really.

Is this the beginning of the dreaded wardrobe tantrums that young children are known for?


Angela said...

I bet she was adorable in that mix match look.

Daddy L said...

Pictures. We need to see pictures of that get-up.

Violet said...

angela: she's at the best age for this kind of get-up. When she's twenty, it's just going to look odd.

daddy l: I'm a-workin' on it.