Saturday, July 07, 2007

Good examples

At some point in motherhood, I suppose it's no longer a credible excuse for dressing like a dowdy, forgotton spinster, or for being always too tired to properly pursue grown-up interests. I'm glad I went to painting classes, and glad that I've got a short-story writing class to look forward to. But I'm still a grungy dresser who's almost forgotten what it was like to chase glamour and excitement. And what makes me feel a little ashamed of myself is knowing about women who seem to have done it all better than me.

In last weekend's paper I read about a 30-something mother of 2 kids under 2, who not only has continued her design career but has become a published writer as well. Then, in last night's episode of Project Runway, I saw a 42 year old fashion designer, and mother of 4, tell the world that she always - always - dresses up because she never wants to go down that trackpants'n'minivan path.

So, if these women haven't let motherhood be an obstacle to making their mark on the world, why have I?

At this point, it would probably make sense to say that one shouldn't compare oneself to others.


Angela said...

It is just so easy to let oneself go. I am just glad to get a shower and dressed every morning. Glammour is something that happens about once or twice a month

Ben said...

Bet neither of them find the time to keep an entertaining blog going though.

Make Tea Not War said...

You are right. Comparing yourself to others is probably not productive. There is always going to be someone better and someone worse and you'll never know the full backstory. Maybe the woman who is an author and designer has a full time nanny and very good family connections.

But hypocritically I have to admit I constantly feel overwhelmed, jealous & slightly depressed by other peoples achievements- perfect houses, perfect appearance, high powered careers. Meh.

Emma said...

Yes one shouldn't compare oneself to others but I still do it and ask why of myself anyway.

Violet said...

angela: That's right. I may not look like fashionable, but at least I'm clean and free of unsociable odours.

ben: how nice of you to say so :-)

mtnw: It's very hard to like people who've got it all. I think that's why I've been finding Season 7 Rory irritating.

emma: Because how else does one measure oneself?

glomgold said...

But trackpants are comfy...
I must admit sometimes it's nice to see women well-dressed. So I guess to try to keep things a little closer to fair, I've forced myself to dress a little nicer too. Plus I used to be just way too slovenly which wouldn't seem to fit my neatfreak persona.
But comparisons with other people, blah!

Violet said...

glomgold: I'm of similar opinion, but these days I just lack the bother.