Thursday, March 22, 2007

That Bond movie

I've always disapproved of Bond movies. Even when I was a kid, the action scenes, for me, were always overshadowed by the womanising behaviour - the way women's clothes just seemed to slide right off them in his presence. It just made me...I don't know...indignant - such arrogance, such cockiness!

Last night I only managed to watch the first half of Casino Royale before heading off the bed, but I did actually enjoy it. Much of it is due to the fact that this Bond is a whole lot tastier than either Connery or Moore. What also helped was the fact that, in the first half at least (I'm sure the glamorous accountant ended up between the sheets with him), the groiny bits between Bond and the skinny-yet-busty married woman are pretty tame, and Bond even shows signs of having formed a emotional attachment to her.

I hope to see the rest of the film tonight, but so far it is to Bond movies what Batman Returns was to the other, camper Batman movies.


Twizzle said...

Hi Violet,

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate your thoughtful support!


onscreen said...

Best damn Bond movie ever, and its a travesty that you could go to bed half way through it, a travesty I say.

Determinist said...

I have no clue why people think this new Bond is so sexy - I always thought of the guy as a bit homely. Most women I know feel the same way, but somehow, what's his name is a house hold name!

Now Eva Green - she's a sexy Bond Girl, so I will see the movie.

Violet said...

Twizzle: no probs - I'm just another voyeur, really :-)

onscreen: when you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep.

determinist: his face isn't pretty, but his bod is definitely worth a look. But if you still aren't convinced, I'm glad you've found a different reason to watch it ;-)

rivergirlie said...

hah - lust beats ideology any time.

Nigel Patel said...

I never liked Bond until I turned thirty.
It was the killing. It just didn't seem to bother him.
They really got it with the new one.
It should never feel 'easy'. It should be heartbreaking.
What pulled me in though, Brosnan and Lazenby oddly enough.

Violet said...

rivergirlie: ah, but if this latest Bond turned out to be a bodice-ripper I still wouldn't have approved!

nigel:I've never seen Lazenby's Bond, but was Brosnan the one who starred with Michelle Yeoh?

Nigel Patel said...

And Lazenby was such a place-filler but that didn't seem to bother him. He just went with it.
But being an Aussie, they looped everything he said in the movie.