Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Flushed Away

At last, a post about something other than a particularly mind-bogglingly cute but terribly demanding toddler...

We recently received a batch of movies and TV shows on DVD recently, from one of the boy's workmates who has been working in one of Asia's hotbeds of movie-pirating. That would be why all of a sudden I've got something else to talk about.

Flushed Away was a film I'd really wanted to watch because I'm a huge Claymation fan - although this film is in fact your common or garden CGI animation. In short, it's about Roddy, a pet rat in a posh Kensington household whose home is invaded by a dodgy, dirty and bad rat from the sewers, while his (Roddy's) owners are away. The invader flushes Roddy down the loo, sending him down the sewers into a veritable rat-London (shades of Neverwhere and the second Matrix movie here). Roddy tries to get back home, meets a Lara Croft-like rat rebel and saves the (rat) world from a toad with a grudge.

It's really funny, and I think I probably only got about half of the jokes. The boy had to fill me in on some of them, because the humour is apparently very very English. Which makes me wonder whether this is the reason it didn't do particularly well in the American box office.


Reel Fanatic said...

That's probably at least part of the reason it did so poorly, but I'm with you on this one ... It was all just so funny from start to finish, but not quite as good as Wallace & Gromit

Violet said...

It's pretty hard to beat a Wallace and Gromit though :-)