Thursday, March 15, 2007


I ended up having to hem up my new jeans by hand* , but when summer suddenly ended at the beginning of the week (as suddenly as it had began, right after Christmas) I was able to slip into something toasty warm - my new straight-legged, high-waisted jeans.

After a couple of days wear, those jeans are finally feeling mostly comfortable. I say mostly because that high waist is still a bit constricting about my middle. In fact, if I wear those jeans with my new bra which still hasn't "worn in" (i.e. stretched out), I can actually give myself an asthma attack.

The other thing about this particular cut of jeans is that I have to put out of my mind just how similar they are to those jeans we all wore in the 80s. I remember now how some girls had to lie down in order to zip theirs up. I also remember how just being able to sit with my legs crossed, whilst be-denimed, was usually a challenge and often a lie.

Really, the only difference between these and those, is that the new ones are stretchy and shouldn't be teamed with anything shoulder-padded.

*Because my sewing machine is broken, my sister-out-law's is in parts because they're getting ready to move house, and the only other person with a sewing machine who's offered to lend it to me is on the far side of town.


Jay said...

I absolutely refuse to wear the high waisted stuff of my youth. We laughed at it once, I will not laugh at it again. But I do need to get some pants hemmed also - I am so forgetful about the tailor's I usually end up cutting them off, but these are expensive trouser jeans, and they need a proper hem.

Violet said...

Jay: I really should have learnt my lesson the first time around!

Ms Mac said...

Ah yes, I've given myself a couple of those sorts of asthma attacks too!

Nigel Patel said...

Ah the eighties! I am a bit glad. Loved those World War II waistlines! Shoulder pads though, not so much.
I for one (though it's a bit different as I am a guy) never stopped wearing my waist accross the waist.
But for most of that time I was overweight and didn't want belly-overhang.

Violet said...

ms mac: I can well believe it too. Really, the Ministry of Health ought to put out a warning to all asthmatic fashion victims...

nigel: but you don't want to go too far though. If the beer belly is really large you'd end up with the waistband high enough to hold up your man-breasts!