Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gooey moments

These are the TLM moments that make me go a bit gooey:

  • At 19 months old, The Little Madam can read the numbers 1-10.
  • When I put together the giant Solar System jigsaw puzzle, TLM can name Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars. I didn't point to Uranus because I'm totally certain which one it is, and also because the name still makes me chuckle.
  • She is greatly amused by the act of hand-feeding me popcorn.
  • As long as she doesn't end her bath prematurely by pooing in it (it must be the relaxing effect of the warm water, eh?), TLM loves identifying the colours of the blobs on the shower curtain.
  • We can make each other laugh by making sneezing noises.


Rainypete said...

Little smarty pants huh? It's almost frightening how much they can learn. My two are constantly amazing me.

Violet said...

yeah, I'm a bit worried she'll be outsmarting me before she even starts school!

Angela said...

Wow! I wonder when my 18 month old will start saying more than just four words - momma, da,this, see. It seems like all the other kids his age are saying so much.

It is great how you can talk with her and she will reply.

Violet said...

angela: she'll reply alright - she'll just say "no no no. Stop"