Friday, March 23, 2007

Limpet, mine

Oh no. The dreaded separation anxiety has struck TLM.

I'd gotten used to telling people that TLM really only gets separation anxiety if she's sick, tired or hungry. But she's mostly over her cold now and lately, even if she's just woken from a 12 hour sleep and been fed and watered, she still gets upset when I leave the room.

We went down to daycare this morning, just as we'd done two times last week. Only this time when I left TLM burst into tears and was still crying after one of the carers tried to engage her in her favourite games. I'd just got home and changed out of my "messy" clothes when the phone rang - it was the other carer, telling me I needed to go back. TLM had been crying so hard and so long that there were little red bumps on her temples (presumably from the stress because they disappeared later on). Even when I was around, she kept looking for me and coming over for a comfort cuddle.

I might be wrong, and TLM is still just affected by her cold. Or I might be right and I can say goodbye to weekday child-free time for the next few months. Or years.

Ah well, it's nice to know she loves me.


Ms Mac said...

Ewan did the very same thing to me. I had dropped him off twice before for a day's care and on the third time he cried and didn't want me to leave. The carers nearly called me because he was so upset but he eventually calmed down. TLM will get used to the separation eventually too, it's just distressing to know that you're causing her the upset. Plus, being with all those children is good for her social skills and immune system so try to remember that too.

Get me, I think I'm the expert!

darth said...

oh yeah, darth jr. went thru major separation anxiety...we have this rather hilarious/heartbreaking home video my wife took of me talking to him before daycare:
me:"hey, let's go to see your friends at daycare!"
darth jr."want to stay home wif daddy"
me:"come on! all your friends will be there, and Miss Honey, your teacher!"
darth jr. "can I stay home, wif daddy?"

:(( He got over it by..uh..ok, it took a while. But like you said, its nice to know you are loved :)

Beth said...

Eve is the same at the moment. She seems to be telepathically able to tell when I am about to go out/leave the room/drop her off at nursery and then she starts hysterically crying. She shouts out "mamamamama" until I give her a cuddle. In the evenings it is worse because she wants to cuddle ALL evening - especially at bed-time. SHe is also waking in the night and calling out for me and will not resettle unless I am in the room. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHH

Jon said...

In England she'd be old enough for boarding school and then problem solved!

I think it's normal at her age to want to be close to mom- don't smother her, but don't push for independence yet-- nursery school is still a few years away. Then again, I have no children and can't even keep house plants alive ;-)

Violet said...

ms mac: you sound very expert to me - and look how well your boys have turned out!

darth: TLM hasn't yet learned to verbalise it, but I'm sure she's saying something very similar to what darth jr. said.

beth: so what happened to your blogger account? I so hope that TLM doesn't start getting sep. anx. at bedtime. I already find it really traumatic (sleeplessness-wise) when she's teething or got a cold, without her getting lonely too. You have my deepest sympathies...

jon: actually, I've killed just about every house plant I've tried to care for too <:-O