Friday, March 30, 2007

A man about the house

The boy has taken the last three days off work, supposedly so he can spend more time with TLM and me.

It's quite possible that he'd envisioned spending some of that time with just me, in the bedroom, catching up on the sort of activity that couples tend to do a lot of, pre-children. So I hope he's not too disappointed that most of the time he's been left to look after TLM while I go galavanting around town looking for red-hot action.

Not really. Mostly I take TLM out to the park (or daycare) for the morning, and in the afternoon the boy gets do some father-daughter bonding while I go for a brisk walk before visiting my mum in hospital ( she's apparently been discharged today) . Yesterday they went to the zoo and shared some unhealthy fries. Perhaps today they will go to the liquor shop for a dozen beers, and share a meat pie.

There could perhaps be a bit of couples excitement tonight though, because we've organised for TLM's ex-nanny to come and babysit for the evening while the two of us do something.

The pressure is on to make the most of this spare time (movie, dinner, dancing, nooky...) but really I just hope I can stay awake well enough to appreciate it.


Make Tea Not War said...

You are going out for a night on the town, I am going away for the weekend. Crazy madness!

Ms Mac said...

My advice is to have nookie before doing anything else.

Nigel Patel said...

Unhealthy eats & dads go well together.
There's nothing to eat or drink in a ballpark that won't send Morrissey flying into a rage.

At least the beers would have more nutrition than a pack of smokes.

Violet said...

mtnw: I think that our next weekend away will also be when TLM is around 3 years old..

ms mac: too late - we chose to have dinner at a celebrated Indian eatery instead.

nigel:I know that you're supposed to encourage your kids to eat what every one else is eating, instead of making them separate meals, but I think that means you're all supposed to eat healthy food.