Monday, March 05, 2007

Look Ma, no hands

The Little Madam is now officially a toddler in the fullest sense.

That's right, folks. The wilful, chatty little girl who pokes her index finger at random objects whilst "counting" from three to ten, sings along to the Wiggles (and knows the actions) and throws major tantrums if you don't let her play with your glass of juice, is now walking all on her own.

From the tentative steps between couches exactly one week ago, she is now walking up and down hills and has finally worked out how to make her sit-on car go forwards.

I'll get around to posting a photo soon, I promise.


Angela said...

Yeah! What a proud Momma. That is great.
Yeah!!! I bet she is very happy with herself too.

My son has been walking since 10 months, but he only really says four words – Momma, Da, this, and shoes. They reach different milestones at different ages. It is nice to know they will eventually catch up. That reason is keeping me from worrying about why my son is not saying much. He is very verbal, but not with words.

Determinist said...

Congrats to you and Dave, and of course, TLM. The last I saw her was at Liz and Jason's wedding, where she was most certainly an infant.

Violet said...

angela: supposedly, they either focus on the physical development OR on the verbal development, so he is probably due for a bit of the verbal now - unless he's moved onto maths or something!

determinist: TLM was only 6 months old last time you saw her and sooo much has changed since then. Perhaps it's time for a visit from Uncle Determinist.

Ms Mac said...

Hurrah! Well done TLM.

You'll start losing any extra baby weight you're carrying now, running after her!