Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cheaply cheerful, and a bit of skirt seems that these days all I post about is The Little Madam and shopping. Oh well. Anyway...

Today I went on the hunt for cheap, throwaway clothes that TLM can wear to daycare, stuff that she can get covered in purple paint and glue and it won't matter if it doesn't wash out.

You see, yesterday TLM went through 4 clothing changes, mainly because she couldn't seem to stay away from the big water-play basin just inside the entrance. In fact, her first clothing change of the morning was about ten minutes after our arrival.

"Just buy a load of stuff from the op shops.", the other parents told me, "It doesn't matter what they look like as long as it keeps 'em clothed and protected from colouring themselves pink and green."

So, due to TLM's aqua-philia, I bought some trousers and tops from the Opportunity for Animals thrift shop (only 50 cents per item, and it all goes to animal welfare charity). I have to admit though, that I couldn't bring myself to completely disregard how the items looked. I bypassed all the tapered trousers and the really ugly tops, in favour of the cargo pants and the hot pink shirts with the monogrammed flowers.

I also purchased a cheap vinyl raincoat and some cute but too-large gumboots (which I'll have to return for the smaller ones with the ladybirds on them). If I'd found one of those plastic aprons with sleeves - which I've seen used at the local playgroup - I would've bought one of those too.

After all that sifting through bargin bins, I felt almost when I found myself gorgeous skirt at Red and forked out a relatively large sum of money for it. But then, I really am quite excited about this skirt because it fits perfectly and actually looks good on me. Until this afternoon I thought I'd never wear a skirt in summer again (I am, after all, astoundingly difficult to fit and have always had an aversion to looking too girly). See, here it is. I'm going to wear it forever.


Nigel Patel said...

I've always been fascinated by clothes. And Halloween.
I would totally wear that design as a shirt.
I have enough problems without going 'round in a skirt.

Angela said...

Shopping fun! Catching a quick child hard!

Kazzer said...

That's a lovely skirt. A few weeks of chasing TLM around and you'll have to go back for the next size down!!

Violet said...

nigel: It never fails to surprise me just how much men like dressing up. You could wear the skirt alright, you just have to match it up with the right sandals...

angela: that's for sure!

kazer: I can only hope :-)