Monday, March 12, 2007

Luke, oh Luke!

Here in New Zealand we're about 4 episodes into the latest season of Gilmore Girls and, although I keep forgetting to set the DVD recorder for 5.30pm every Sunday, I think I've seen enough to know that there's something not quite right about this season.

I'm not absolutely sure whether it's because some of the pop culture references seem a bit forced (like that string of lame references to Gwyneth Paltrow in episode two), or if it's because Lorelei seems a little less witty than I'm used to, or simply because I'm disappointed that she broke up with Luke and has started dating her ex, Christopher.

Or maybe, subconsciously, I've been prejudiced by the unenthusiastic reviews I've read already.

Anyway, I hope that old tension between the two L's doesn't dissipate entirely because their possible romance, plus the baggage that was Lorelei and Christopher, was one of the main things keeping me interested.


Angela said...

I wonder where you are in the show compaired to the US. Don't want to spoil anything.

Make Tea Not War said...

My understanding is that the woman who came up with the concept and did a lot of the writing left at the end of the last season- so its a different team writing it now.

Violet said...

angela: We're 4 episodes into season 7, so the last thing I saw was Lorelei going out on a date with Christopher, and then bailing her mother from jail.

mtnw: yeah, I knew that but hoped it wouldn't be detrimental to the quality of the show.