Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sweet tooth

Because the boy and I are supposed to be Baby's role models, we should really eat better. I can hardly expect her to be happy with mandarin segments and cinnamon-y porridge when the parents are following our instant noodle lunches with numerous chocolate biscuits and individual cheesecakes.

This means that one day soon we will have to give up individual cheesecakes and chocolate biscuits. Or eat them when she isn't looking. Other scoffable yummies I should ration are:

ice cream
apple slice smothered in warm custard
sticky date pudding
custard squares
apple and rhubharb crumble
hotcakes with maple syrup, banana slices and loads of cream

Yes, I'm a dessertaholic. In the days when my friends and I used to frequently meet for coffee, I always made a point of getting a really sweet cake-y thing to offset the bitterness of the really strong flat whites. One of scariest moments of my pregnancy was when I had to consider the possibility of gestational diabetes, and the sugar-free diet that would have to follow. If I'm having a really bad day, the boy often brings home cake of some sort to put a smile back on my face. And it usually works.

Will I be able to give up sweets? It might be easier to just be more furtive around my daughter.


happy and blue 2 said...

Giving up sweets seems to hard. Why not just take a few minutes each day to come up with excuses you can use as to why you can eat them and she can't..

Violet said...

You're a very wise man, happyandblue2. Or did I mean wise guy?

Cathi said...

I'm a diabetic (T2) and I eat sweets, and I have the blood sugar of a non-diabetic :)

gosh I'm fab.

The secret is not to have so many.

When I was born there was a theory that if you keep children sweet-free until they were 5, they would never want them. This human experiment was conducted with glee by my mother. It didn't work :(

Violet said...

Cathi: sounds preposterous. Apparently we're born with a sweet tooth, which is why all babies like custard.