Thursday, July 20, 2006


Long time no blog post, eh? It's partly because of this house of sick people who need looking after, but it's also because only two rooms in this house are kept heated and the computer lives in neither of them.

The Little Madam is coughing and sneezing her way through the week, missing out on a Mums and Babies tour through the local art gallery. She's hot like a little pocket warmer and we've almost finished the small bottle of Pamol which I only bought last weekend. If she isn't better in a couple of days then it's off to the doctor's we go.

The boy is still giving his tummy some TLC, which at least means that I haven't had to cook for several days now.

But when he returned from his business trip, he brought back seasons one and two of Gilmore Girls. We've been watching episodes back to back every evening, and this keeps me from slipping over the edge into self pity.

Good DVDs, plenty of fruity biscuits and a warm bed - that's really all you need when you're un-seriously sick.


Make Tea Not War said...

Is Gilmore Girls good then? Well obviously yes or you wouldn't be watching it. That's intriguing as I have been feeling a lack of something new to watch for awhile.

The Skirt said...

I love a good GG DVD session - fast talking and pretty clothes all in one neat package!

happy and blue 2 said...

Hope you are all healthy again soon..

Nyx said...

The bugs this winter have been horrible. I've got the one with the terrible headaches at the moment so that sucks but at least in your case, it sounds like you've got the perfect way to relax while sick.

Violet said...

mtnw: well I am - it's full of weird characters and witty dialogue. It's a little like a cross between Marian Keyes at her best.

the skirt: and I love Lorelei and Rory even though I should be jealous that all they consume is coffee and junk food, yet they have neither pimples nor excess fat.

happy and blue2: thanks, so do I!

nyx: I'm really toying with the idea of watching with The Little Madam during the day, only because that's what I'd do if I was sick and dependant-less.

Beth said...

Hi Violet.
WE're looking for the opposite here. THere is a heatwave and we all have fevers too! nightmare!
Eve was up 7 times last night as she was too hot and it's 34 degrees in her room!!
Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Avery's mom said...

your poor family! how long must all this go on? I know after one bout of illness, I would loose my sanity having to go through it all over again. (even with a Gilmoregirls marathon)

Violet said...

beth: that's far too hot for me. But at least the sound of a fan would be effective white noise. I hope Eve was easily settled. TLM was up every 20 mins at one stage!

avery's mom: It's probably too late for my sanity, because I've already had about 8 months of disrupted sleep to get me used to the latest bouts of unsettled-ness.