Sunday, July 23, 2006

The doctor is in, but she's no House M.D.

Poor Little Madam. Her cold seems to be getting worse, not better. Yesterday I could hear wheezing, and it wasn't coming from my asthmatic self, so I took her to the after-hours medical centre. The doctor was really nice, but couldn't really tell me whether The Little Madam was just experiencing a particularly nasty virus or something else.

There was mention of bronchiolitis, she couldn't be sure. Because TLM has had so many colds in such a short space of time, there's a possibility of it being some sort of allergy. She even had a session with a nebuliser, to fix the wheezing.

I sang umpteem rounds of Ten Green Bottles to calm the poor wee thing down, because she cried during the ear inspection, the cold stethoscope on her chest and back, the nebuliser and the one-off application of some sort of medication which I've forgotten the name (and purpose) of.

By the time TLM was settled back at home and straight into her cot for a much-needed nap, we'd stocked up on Pamol (for the red left ear), Demezin (for the snot and possible allergy) and inhaler (for the next time she gets wheezy).

I've given the boy strict orders to do his smoking well away from the house (normally he smokes in the doorway), because apparently it's a major allergan. We also have to book in for a follow-up for Wednesday. I guess The Little Madam will most likely be missing yet another week of swims and playgroups.


darth said...

awww..poor little madam-hope she gets better soon!!!

happy and blue 2 said...

Hope she is better soon. I thought she just had a regular cold. Poor kid. Oh and poor Mom. And Dad of course..

Make Tea Not War said...

Poor Violet, I don't think there is much in life that is more stressful and worrying than a sick child. Get well soon TLM.

Violet said...

The poor child's coughing is keeping her up at night. We're going to get her to back the doctor's today - the sooner the better I reckon.