Monday, July 17, 2006

A model baby

Yeah, right.

But actually, yes. The Little Madam (TLM) is this year's model for the Ministry of Health's 10 month meningococcal B vaccination*. Some time after I return the consent form, TLM's face will be splattered over the walls at medical centres all over New Zealand. Only it won't look quite like her, because they Photoshopped the top of her head and gave her flat hair.

I promise you she won't be turning into a little Brooke Shields (a la Pretty Baby).

*Ironically, TLM is in fact overdue for her MensB shot, but don't tell the Ministry.


Avery's mom said...

she isnt current on her own vacinations but they'll use her sweet face to advertise
now that's a poster child lol!

Violet said...

It's not that I'm deliberately being slack, but the poor bubs keeps getting colds and so do we...