Saturday, July 15, 2006

Exciting evenings at home

We actually had a neighbourhood party to go to last night, but due to the boy's non-appearance and therefore my need to stay at home and babysit The Little Madam, it turned out to be another evening at home and bedtime (for me) at 9pm.

I did get to watch some telly though.

Did anyone watch last night's episode of Project Runway? It's the one where they have to get into teams and design a lingerie collection. Did anyone think that Santino I'm-so-great should have got the chop, and not Daniel Can't-work-to-deadline? Santino has been more creatively interesting so far, and I reckon that's the only reason he made it through. Daniel was the better team leader because at least he accepted sole responsibility for the team's low score. Though both of them were utter control freaks who wouldn't accept any real creative input from their teammates. What do you think?

Now that I'm re-watching Buffy DVDs again, during The Little Madam's naps (now that she sleeps for an hour at a time), I'm having a re-think of which season is my favourite. Up until recently I always proclaimed Season Six as my favourite because it's so dark and dirty. But perhaps, having just seen some Season Three episodes again, it's really Season Three which is the best. Season Three has Faith, the mayor, vampire Willow and The Zeppo. Season Six has Buffy 'n' Spike, evil Willow (there's a pattern here, eh?) and some very annoying villains (I never liked Warren - at least the mayor, the Master and Glory were likeable in their own way). Am I right?

Gosh, my life is exciting.


Make Tea Not War said...

Season Two and Season Three are my favourites. Season Two for Drusilla and evil Angel and for overall edge. But Season Three is good too for the reasons you mention.

Nyx said...

Sorry, can't comment on the Buffy thing but I was home last night as well and Santino's angry burst on the runway just made me want to slap him silly. His outfits were doggone ugly but D.F's lacked collective vision. It must've been a hard call to make.

And don't worry, you get used to Friday nights alone with the kids. My girls now get in there and yell at the TV when something sill like Santino comes on.

Nigel Patel said...

Buffy Season Four, Angel Season Two.
In Buffy the gang spread apart, grow, change and come back together, plus all the stuff I remember from dropping out of college myself, and Angel just made us fall in love with Cordy Wes and Gunn when he kicked them out and they all ended up singing "We Are The Champions" totally hammered.

Nigel Patel said...

Though I never did take a liking to Fred though.

Juliabohemian said...

I've never seen that show, but my husband's name is Warren. It's tattooed on my left shoulder.

The Skirt said...

Santino is such a git, I was hugely annoyed - though not surprised - that he wasn't booted off. Daniel was a crazy last-minute finisher, but at least his collection was remotely attractive! I just hope Santino keeps not winning challenges, so we can see him sulk week after week.

Violet said...

mtnw: Angel, at least on Buffy, is generally a lot more interesting when he's evil isn't he?

nyx: It'll be much more fun when The Little Madam is old enough to watch tv with me, but by then she'll be climbing out the window to go to parties on Friday nights...

nigel: My favourite Angel characters include teen Connor and Illyria, and I liked Fred until she became superwoman.

juliabohemian: Ah, Warren was really unlikeable. Even more so than Caleb, who was also a misogynist. Maybe it's because he was more human and more believable.

the skirt: At first I thought Santino was pretty good, but I'm getting bored by those little ruffles he puts on everything.