Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The pros and cons of having a mobile baby

It means she's growing up. Awwww!
It's so cute when she follows me around.
It's exciting because fully-fledged crawling/cruising/walking is just around the corner.
No more worries about pressure sores from sitting in the same spot all day. (Just joking - like a baby can get pressure sores!).
Look forward to buying her shoes and calling her a toddler.

Nappy-free time is problematic (if you know the answer to this quandrary, please please please leave a comment and tell me what it is).
It's really inconvenient when she follows me around. Like, to the rubbish bin for instance.
I might have to find a way of containing her when I want to shower or go to the toilet.
More run-ins with furniture than ever before.
We'll have to shop for playpen walls and stuff RIGHT NOW.


EB said...

JJT sometimes wore blue training pants from Baby Factory which still allowed movement but can still catch pee. As soon as it was wet, it got changed. Othertimes it was easier to be free. The pants were made of a towelling on the outside and had a thickish crotch area and I used size 1 even though he was smaller than that.

charlotte said...

Either you contain her while you shower or go to the toilet, or you get used to having an audience. I always have between one and three people with me when I go to the loo. This is fine when it's just us at home, but becomes problematic when we have guests. My kids scream blue murder if I shut the door, so I am now used to always having the door open, meaning I get to share my bodily functions with my father-in-law or whoever else is staying over. Parenting is a delight! Thanks for your blog - I'm enjoying it. Charlotte

Juliabohemian said...

I've found that isolating all of my kids stuff in one area of the house makes them easier to contain. You can try closing the door on her when you go to the bathroom, but she may not like that too much.

My younger child used to get into the shower with me...no matter what. I would think she was playing and go to take a shower. In a few minutes she would be stripped down and climbing in.

Also, try moving all the furniture to the perimeter of your house, leaving the center of the room open. People who came over used to think our furnture looked funny, but it cut down on the accidents.

Jon said...

You could use a leash, but social services would not be pleased.

I think all babies are like this, at least the several hundred I've fathered have been ^_~

happy and blue 2 said...

I don't understand the nappy free problem. Do you still wear nappys..

Violet said...

eb: hmm...probably more effective for toddlers, whereas our TLM would be shuffling about, ensuring that ensuing wees are "ground in", so to speak.

charlotte: so far I haven't had to deal with separation anxiety - she only wails when I leave the room if she's hungry. It doesn't sound like fun. And thanks for reading!

juliabohemian: that might work with your house, but ours is so small that we can do all that moving and it wouldn't change a thing.

jon: I always knew you were a stud, jon, but I never thought you were straight.

happy and blue 2: well I would, but they don't come free.