Friday, July 14, 2006

Still boy-less

The boy texted me last night to tell me that he's not coming home today after all. Apparently his flights were messed up, and he's still in Singapore. This is bad; I'm just no longer accustomed to being the sole responsible adult in the household.

And yet, I loved living on my own pre-boy.

When the technician came around to test our alarm monitoring system and accidentally blew a fuse (not his fault, we have a faulty light switch in one of the rooms), I had to ask him to replace the fuse wire for me. I can't do it myself you see, because even with a ladder I'm too short to reach. It's always been the boy's job.

He's also the one who hold Baby when she's about to get a vaccination jab.

I hated taking the rubbish out on Wednesday, because that's a nasty job which I normally persuade the boy to do.

And woe betide me if anything should happen to my PC, because he is my computer whisperer. Ditto for the DVD player.

He did however, buy me a massage seat so that I wouldn't miss his magic fingers (I don't mean that).

And The Little Madam hasn't seen her daddy for days now. Will she look at him questioningly when she sees him?


where music lives said...

The Little Madam will look lovingly int the eyes of The Boy when they are reunited :o)

on-screen said...

oops, I just posted under my work profile! Doh!

happy and blue 2 said...

The Little Madam will probably be glad to see him so she doesn't have to do his chores anymore,tee,hee..

Cathi said...

When I was a newborn, till age 5, my dad was away for 6 months out of every nine, being a merchant seaman. I used to recognise him when he came home without any trouble, I gather. Apart from the time he came home sporting a grand moustache. I cried, my mother threw him out and told him, through the firmly-closed door, that he could come back when he'd shaved it off.

I still don't like moustaches.

Rainypete said...

I'm sure she'll recognize him and smile widely, just like you will do. The difference will be she won't have that relieved look in her eyes.

Violet said...

on-screen: you write music reviews for a living? What a cool job.

happyandblue2: yeah, that recycling bin is really heavy for an 11-month old...

cathi: I've never liked 'em either, but I have to let the boy have his because he does actually look much sexier with one than without. Of course, it's no handlebar.

rainypete: you don't know that -she might be well relieved to have a break from me!

Nigel Patel said...

My dad used to work in Ann Arbor, an hours drive away, when we lived for the first time in the Detroit suburbs and he would always come home in the evening with a can of Hawiian Punch for me.
He was so tall, 5'2" and he even had one of those steriotypical black lunch boxes that working class men had and you don't see anymore.
It's hard to find Hawiian Punch in cans but when I do I always think of my dad.