Saturday, July 01, 2006

Couple time

Second on that list, aimed at new parents, which includes the words "sleep when baby sleeps" (okay, but a 4 1/2 hour sleep then a 2 1/2 hour sleep is not as satisfying as a 7 hour sleep), is usually the phrase "factor in baby-free couple time".

Despite the fact that Baby refuses to stay asleep for a whole evening, the boy and I do get baby-free time together. We just have to stay at home for it. So it's just as well we have a huge collection of DVDs, a 42" plasma tv and a DVD recorder.

TV is now my main hobby*. Blogging is what I do while the boy plays World of Warcraft, so we can still be in the same room together. Going out on the town is something I've got on my list of long term goals.

*Shows we must watch:

House is great because for a whole hour I get to pretend that my mind still works well enough to keep up with the high-speed clinical diagnostics talk (is it ovarian cancer? An uberculoma mass? Rabies?)

I love What Not To Wear partly because I can secretly (well, not so secret now, eh?) relate to the fat menopausal woman, the butch tomboy, and the SAHM whose toddler looks like she belongs in a Pumpkin Patch catalogue but dresses herself in her husband's lumberjack shirts.

And Project Runway is the only bitchy reality tv show I watch, probably because I enjoy making fun of Heidi Klum's silly maternity frocks.

(I also love Gilmore Girls. Although it's set in a super-wholesome town where no-one ever dies of a horrible flesh-eating disease or a badly-placed bitch-slap, it's full of really clever dialogue that makes me wish I was a smart as Lorelei or Rory.)


happy and blue 2 said...

LOL. I don't think that's what they mean by couple time. But it is a start I guess.
Have a fun weekend..

Beth said...

THis sounds like us. Although we have been "out" as a couple three time ssince Eve was born, we tend to go out alone (with friends) as it's just easier for the other one to babysit Eve.
We settle for cosy nights in, a nice meal and some good TV. I think it's a sign I'm getting older because when I do go out now, I actually like coming back to the comfort of DH and my cosy armchair.

onscreen said...

Haha - I'm a closet GG fan - but never seem to find the time to watch it or know when it's on...

Avery's mom said...

we finally had our first 'date' night last weekend and of all the things out there to do....we went to the movies since we havent been able to go with a newborn.

Kazzer said...

you also need to start on baby 2

Violet said...

happy and blue2: It's a start, as you say. It turns out we all have influenza, which isn't much fun, but thanks anyway :-)

beth: at least you guys go out even alone. I haven't been out in the evening at all because when Baby wakes up 2-3 hrs after going to bed she has to have a breastfeed before going back to sleep. But to tell you the truth, I've become a homebody too.

onscreen: Sundays on Two, at 5.30 - I always record it and watch it after Baby's gone to bed.

avery's mom: good on you. It's going to be a lot harder when baby number 2 arrives eh?

kazzer: that possibility is looking pretty damned distant right now.

glomgold said...

Surprisingly I've seen at least a little of each of those TV series. I liked House, possibly because I'm a Hugh Laurie fan from the Blackadder days. And I can see why people could enjoy Gilmore Girls. Those What Not To Wear hosts are so repugnant it makes me queasy. Ditto to the participants of that Runway show. I think my main problem though is I just have never been able to follow a TV series prior to syndication. I may have commitment issues!

Ms Mac said...

You know me, I love The Gilmore Girls. Another coue of people wh I wish were my best friends!

EB said...

I like that you try to keep up having couple time. To that end I've started watching TV that JB watches and a new thing we've done once is sitting down at a cafe to eat cheesecake.