Sunday, March 27, 2005

"Where are all the good men?" Nobody knows, but they aren't in NZ

According to a NZ social scientist, there really is a shortage of men. Not only is the number of "Kiwi men in their relationship-forming years" much lower than their female equivalent - remember that the number includes men whom right-thinking women shouldn't touch with a barge pole (really ugly, unpleasant and/or stupid men), so the true number of possible mates for women in the 20-49 age group would be even more depressingly small. The idea is supported by the fact that I had to import my own mate from England.

The same article says that the situation is reversed in Denmark and Germany (and I would think China also falls into this category). The answer for women who don't want to stay single, and are reluctant to date men who are either very young or very much older, is clear - emigration.


Nigel Patel said...

So, how soon can I get settled in in New Zealand?
I'm nice looking, pleasant and smart-since I've stopped drinking anyway.
I'm staying the hell away from Germany, Denmark and China.

Barry said...

I thought it was an interesting article in today's SST, especially when juxtaposed with the article by Steve Braunias about Antonie Dixon - one of these apparently nice young men that women are so keen on finding, so nice that he apparently had two women after him. It didn't even seem to bother one of them that he attacked her and her friend with a sword, shot another man in the back ten times and then went after the police.

Violet said...

Nigel: We have a points system for potential immigrants. You're best bet is to come over on holiday and hope to meet a nice woman to marry :-)

Barry: I don't understand the attraction to Dixon - he's got an extremely odd haircut, and looks like he's on drugs.

flying kiwi said...

I don't think I've come to right place either. I went to a party in San Mateo the other night and the only two straight men were there with their wives. Mind you, the party was at the house of a gay friend and his partner, so maybe it was to be expected.

Still, if you find out where all the good men are, let me know.

Violet said...

I don't know where all the good men are, and have never known. that's why it took so long for me to get hitched. :-)