Friday, March 04, 2005

Napier or not

This post was going to be all about how much I'm looking forward to us taking off for Napier tomorrow. I think we may have been foiled though, by the international one day cricket match which is on tomorrow (don't ask me who's playing - probably NZ v.s. someone else). There could be a shortage of accomodation, and the place could be full of cricket hooligans with armloads of ammunition (for throwing at the opposition).

We should probably just go anyway - how many people could possible want to go to Napier to watch a cricket match, especially when there's national dragon-boating champs right here. Surely all the traffic will be heading in the opposite direction from us.

We could stop somewhere halfway along and then go on to Napier on Sunday - but there are only cow-poke towns between here and there as far as I can tell. We could go somewhere else entirely, but it took us so long to decide to go to Napier - there isn't enough time left this summer to think of an alternative.


Jon said...

Cricket hooligans? I've heard of football hooligans, but considering that cricket matches can last for days, they must be REALLY scary since they'd need to be hopped up on stimulants just to stay awake.

In my opinion, if anyone is so fanatic about sports that they would cause harm to other people, they need to get a life, or chemical castration to make them less angry- or both!

EB said...

I wish I could remember what event it was that had all the motels booked out. Once this happened and it involved waiting at the Information centre for a while. In the end stayed in a Homestay which was very nice, something that would never have been considered before.

It's NZ vs Australia.

Frally said...

My inlaws live two hours away in Norsewood, a small village up a bit from Dannevirke. They run an antiques shop there. You could always duck in, mention that you know Frally through blogging and could we stay here the night? Their likely response will be "Who's Frally? And what's this 'blogging' you speak of?" but it's worth a shot.

flying kiwi said...

There's always Eketahuna... ;)

I think Napier only usually sells out for wine festival weekends. And although it's not as nice, you could always stay in Hastings - only 15 min from Napier.

Jon: it's a one day international (ODI), so unlikely to last for days...

Violet said...

Jon: yep - we have cricket hooligans. What people do is throw stuff at the opposing team (or anyone else they feel like).

EB: We can always sleep in the car :-)

Frally: I've never been to Norsewood. It's where they make all those big woolly jumpers isn't it?

Flying Kiwi: I think there's a mini castle in Hastings isn't there?

Frally said...

Yes, Norsewood is the place of woolly jumpers and socks. That is all I get for xmas/birthdays from the inlaws.